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Thoughtful and meaningful actions can be anything: prayer, meditation, mindfulness of the present, celebrating your purpose, being grateful or forgiving. MeaningToPause helps people to reframe their thoughts throughout the day using a charming bracelet with private reminder technology (patent pending).
The international organization of and for spiritual directors
A New Spirit for the Obstacles, Delays & Cancellations in Life
Everyday scenes become extraordinary masterpieces
a site for healing songs
singer songwriter, from Vashon, via Australia, (the original music in The Power of Pause Audio book), check it out
The Divine Muffins — photography of Suchin Rai
Bruce Springsteen sings “This Little Light of Mine” live (will make you stand, clap, and sing along—even in your office)
Our mission, to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community, rests on our conviction that efforts to address the world’s critical issues must go beyond political, social, and economic strategies to their psychological and spiritual roots.

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