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There is seldom a day that I don’t feel hurried or distracted or too busy. And I know that I’m not unusual. We live in a world of bigger and faster. This takes a toll. No secret there. Stress. Anxiety. Disquiet. Depletion. And not just with my internal wellbeing-thermometer; but with my relationships too.

I let myself feel guilty about my “inability” to keep up. Can you relate? Or, I add insult to injury by going faster, in order to “catch up.”

What would happen if I practiced the power of pause?

In a word: renewal and replenishment.

What’s the catch? Harnessing the power of pause is not a technique or program. Harnessing the power of pause is not for a select few.

Harnessing the power of pause is a simple invitation to set down the load we carry.

To rest.

To breathe.

To see.

To replenish.

The permission to let our souls catch up with our bodies.

In this e-retreat, there are 12 sessions. 12 stories. Each story is an invitation to pause. To notice. To reflect. To be gentle with ourselves. And to hit the re-set button.

The reflections and practices and conversations with fellow journeyers, give us an opportunity to learn, to befriend our hurried self and to live our days fully alive and wholehearted, harnessing the power of pause.

This Full Featured Ecourse is ONLY $39.95

Our first session is below, but first let me get a couple of the technical details out of the way (or as we use to say in church, “announcements”).

The Emails

You will receive 12 emails, three per week. The emails will include stories and reflections plus suggestions for discussion, journaling, and practice during the day or week.

Please use the Comments area that you will find at the bottom of each session.  (and at the bottom of each of the suggestions for reflection and practice). All participants will see the comment stream. You can read what fellow journeyers are saying, thinking, suggesting, wondering, recommending, reporting, inviting, etc. Here is where we learn from one another and encourage one anther and ask for support. It is true that we are on this journey together.

You’ll also see video clips that illustrate the lesson.

My suggestion? Have a notebook and pen (or pencil) at the ready. Journal, take notes, ask questions. Or, take out some crayons and sketch the images that are evoked from each session. (I’d make the crayons mandatory if I could… just sayin’).

Although you’ll receive 3 sessions per week, please go at your own pace. All sessions will be available to you here to access them as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Your subscription entitles you to receive but not to forward the e-course, so if you would like a companion or friend to enjoy the Ecourse, please encourage him/her to subscribe. Here’s the signup page .

Missing Emails/Address Changes

An archive of the course will build on your Member Page as we go along. If you miss a day, first check your spam filter to see if it is there. Then login to your account and click on the course name. The lessons that have already been sent can be seen. You can read them online or if you wish to have an email resent (if you have accidentally deleted one), please see the link at the bottom of each session.

This should cover all the basics, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions, [email protected].

We hope you enjoy this retreat and the permission to pause.

Keep spilling the light,


How to Harness the Power of Pause with Terry Hershey, an e-course consisting of email lessons and video clips was created by Terry Hershey copyright 2016 Terry Hershey. (Elements of this Ecourse first appeared on Spirituality and Practice with Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)

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