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Daily Dose (Feb 13 – 16)

Tuesday -- This week: The invitation to be here now.As young clergy, just out of seminary, it was the impulse, attraction and aspiration to provide the “answers” people needed. That would make the difference, I told myself. And I realize…

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Daily Dose (Feb 6 – 9)

Tuesday -- This week, we embrace—and are embraced by—the gift of grace.After 30 years of preaching, the Rev. Howard-John Wesley stood in front of his congregation (Alexandria, VA) and admitted: “I am tired in my soul.”“I feel so distant from…

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Daily Dose (Jan 2 – 5)

Tuesday -- Welcome to the New Year. I hope you’ve found a moment or two for gratitude and renewal.This week, the affirmation that, we are healers. Grounded in Ram Dass’ affirmation, “We're all just walking each other home.”It is from…

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Daily Dose (Dec 19 – 22)

Tuesday -- This week the reminder that a gentle antidote for weariness or lethargy is childlike joy. Enlarging childlike joy is purposely and graciously, soul enriching.Confucian philosopher Mencius’ reminder, “Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.”Our…

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Daily Dose (Dec 12 – 15)

Tuesday -- In Brendan, (Frederick Buechner's novel about a sixteenth-century Irish saint), a servant recounts a conversation between Brendan and Gildas, a crippled and bitter old priest."I am as crippled as the dark world," Gildas says."If it comes to that,…

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