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Daily Dose (Nov 21 – 24)

Tuesday -- In one encounter with a teacher in India, Donald Hall asks him to define "contentment.""Absorbedness," the teacher replies.Now, I can't find absorbedness in any dictionary. But here's my best guess: "Let life in."Let life in... in the wonder.Let…

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Daily Dose (Nov 14 – 17)

Tuesday -- This week we take to heart the story of a homesick dog making news headlines in Seattle. He negotiated traffic, eluded Washington State Police, and crossed a bridge.Why? Because it was love that brought Zeb home.His caper-filled journey…

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Daily Dose (Oct 24 – 27)

Tuesday -- “They serve one another. And they protect one another,” the little boy noticed on a world-hopping trip visiting "underprivileged" countries (where his father had the firm purpose of showing his son, how “poor people” live).The father wasn’t imagining…

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Daily Dose (Sept 26 – 29)

Tuesday -- This week, the gifts of Grace and Gratitude.And it bears repeating, grace is not something you add to your life. Like a creedal quiz response, “I believe in grace.” Check.Which is all well and good... however, grace happens when…

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Daily Dose (Sept 19 – 22)

Tuesday -- This week, we are invited to absorb daily miracles. The permission to honor listening, or attention (seeing) without judgment. And I love this: when we pay attention (“Wow. Did you see that?”), we create a fabric in our…

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