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Create Sanctuary eCourse

eCourse May 14 – June 8

What if my plate is too full? What choices do I make if I can’t do it all?
What does it mean to be present for my own life?
How do I find my own voice?
Where do I find the resources to live authentically?
What if I don’t believe that I am enough?

Where do I go to replenish?

In this course, you will…
Understand how and why hurry and distraction take a toll on our spirit.
Understand how care of any kind—compassion, generosity, communication, reconciliation, service, ministry, teaching, giving—begins with and is nourished by self-care. Or in the words of Charlie Parker, “If it ain’t in you it can’t come out of your horn.”
Discover ways to be intentional about making sanctuary a part of our days, a place for healing and an opportunity to be a sanctuary for others.Learn the ingredients necessary to create sanctuary to be nourished and grounded… to create space for grace. We will learn the good news that these ingredients are not something to be added to our life. They are already a part of our DNA.
Experience how to let this life in. Every bit of it. In sanctuary we can be wholehearted; whether grief or gladness or sadness or joy. We make space to see and to be seen. We make space to welcome, to offer comfort and hope.


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