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How to Harness The Power of Pause

Life is hectic. Life moves fast. It is easy to lose a sense of self in a world of hurry and distraction and anxiety. Understand how hurry and distraction take a toll on your spirit. Learn powerful ways to make pausing a part of your day-to-day life with The Power of Pause.

Course Highlights

In this course, I tell stories from my own experiences and struggles with the practice.

From overworked employees to overwhelmed parents, from ministry leaders to spiritual seekers, How To Harness The Power of Pause will help you become more and more present to the life you already have, and the people and things within it.

Power to pay attention
Power to be centered
Power to say yes to the moment and no to urgency
Power to listen
The power to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell
Power to own, to take responsibility for, and to embrace my uniqueness

Key Takeaways

• To know that the preciousness of time is an invitation to participation and not regret. The permission to learn and to practice participation – entering into life.

• Learn how to reset our internal governor from RUSH to Restore.

• The power of pause offers a space for healing, to let our souls catch up with our bodies.

• Life begins where we are. Right now. The permission to see with new eyes. The permission to be surprised by wonder.

• The power of pause allows us to unlearn the need for perfection. The permission to be present and to embrace the power of “I am enough.”

• When we are present and we see, we are open to gooseflesh and begin to give up our litany of “shoulds”.

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Find Your Sanctuary: Create Space for Grace

You have a sanctuary, even if you’ve only imagined it. Even if you can’t name it, you know of its power. It is a space of total freedom, where you do not owe anyone and where no one owes you. Sanctuary is a place where you can be replenished and renewed again and again in order to live grounded and wholehearted.

Course Highlights

In this e-course, I will teach you how to tend to the quiet spaces where you can return to renew yourself. We all expend lots of energy pulled and distracted by our day to day obligations. You’ll be able to prioritize some “You” time for a change.

I’ll share my own experiences that inspired me to create this course for you and anyone that has a full plate (and then some) and can no longer hear that small voice within.

Key Takeaways

• Sanctuary is in our DNA. And the gifts of sanctuary are inside.

• When we name harmful beliefs, we practice from sufficiency not scarcity.

• When we are pro-sanctuary, bunkum doesn’t have to be the new normal.

• Sanctuary is a journey and not a destination.

• Portals invite gratitude and the permission to live in the present.

• Boundaries allow for safety.

• When we practice sanctuary we are grounded… to see and to hear and to touch.

• In sanctuary we are reminded that life is about hearing music and not just playing the right notes.

• In sanctuary we experience the extraordinary freedom to just be.

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