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Care of any kind—compassion, generosity, communication, reconciliation, service, ministry, teaching, giving—begins with and is nourished by self-care. Or in the words of Charlie Parker, “If it ain’t in you it can’t come out of your horn.” Care begins with the power of pause. Care begins with the intentional choices we make about being present. About passion, grace, play, laughter and wholeheartedness. If we practice this power of pause–finding sanctuary–it spills into our relationships and our work.

What is sanctuary? Why do we need sanctuary? What are the hurdles and obstacles to sanctuary? What are the ingredients to sanctuary? What does it mean to be sanctuary for others? What does it mean for our community to be a sanctuary (sanctuary as public space)? JOIN US.

SIGN UP TODAY. If you are unable to attend, recording of the webinar will be sent to you if you’ve signed up.

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