How to Harness The Power of Pause

Life is hectic. Life moves fast.

It is easy to lose a sense of self in a world of hurry and distraction and anxiety.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, only to add one more thing to your to-do list?
Have you ever wished for an extra day in your week, or an extra hour in your day?
Have you ever been in a conversation, and realized you weren’t even there?
Have you been pulled in so many directions that you don’t feel at home in your own skin?
Have you ever felt drained, depleted, stuck, lost, out of kilter, empty, frazzled, hurried or just plum-tuckered?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, welcome to How to Harness the Power of Pause. You’re in the right place.

When you SLOW DOWN and harness the power of pause, you are transformed and:

• Life flows from a place of gladness
• Relationships are savored and cherished
• Make decisions intentionally
• Sufficiency expands in all areas of your life
• Wake up knowing your soul purpose
• Feel empowered to say how the story ends
• Experience peace of mind no matter what is happening around you.

In this workshop we will…

Understand how hurry and distraction take a toll on our spirits. We recognize the ways we get gummed up. And how we can avoid our own company 24 hours a day. Naming this adversary is power.

Experience the power of pause. Literally. The permission to say no to urgency and to say yes to this moment.

Discover and embrace the gifts from the power of pause. We will receive the power to be still, the power to pay attention, the power to be centered, and the power to listen, to see and to touch.

Learn ways to make pausing a part of our days. We will walk through and learn practices that allow us to take responsibility for, and to embrace our uniqueness.

The Power of Pause course is available now and can be completed at your own pace.

How the Course Works

Through our online course portal and during live calls, we will share reflections, practices, conversations (and sanctuary photos) with fellow journeyers.

You will have an opportunity to learn, to befriend your hurried self and to live your days fully alive and wholehearted, finding, creating and embracing sanctuary.

And, I will be present with you throughout the course as a part of the ongoing conversation and the communication thread.

Praise for the Power of Pause

Shooting a good round of golf, finishing a to-do list, keeping busy are all rewarding. Going through How to Harness the Power of Pause with Terry Hershey, I learned profoundly to breathe, to notice the world again, to be more awake to the moment. Since that day I have grown to be more intentional to nourish my spirit, paying more attention to what is happening in my heart. – Mick Owens

I’ve just completed the ecourse on Giving yourself permission to pause… absolutely wonderful with so many stories that touch into life, my life and the reflections have helped me as a spiritual Director and in retreat ministry in so many ways, along with food for thought for my own spiritual journey. Thanks so much. I have however lost some sessions and wanted to keep them so as to go back and read them again, especially all the great stories. It’s always good to have a story to bring home a point. Is there any way to get these back? Blessings and joy to you and I look forward to the Sabbath moment in future. – Patricia Phillips

Thank you, Terry, for all the time and effort you put into this wonderful course. And now I LOVE reading your weekly Sabbath Moment. Your teaching always transports me to a lovely place. THANK YOU Terry. – Janice Scott


About Terry Hershey

Terry Hershey is an author, humorist, inspirational speaker, dad, ordained minister, golf addict, and smitten by French wine. He divides his time between designing sanctuary gardens and sharing his practice of “pausing” and “sanctuary,” to help us do less and live more. Terry’s book, Sanctuary: creating places for grace in you life, offers the permission to slow down and to be gentle with ourselves, in a world that demands More-Bigger-Faster. Most days, you can find Terry out in his garden–on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound—because he believes that there is something fundamentally spiritual about dirt under your fingernails.

Let’s experience the power of pause together!

I’m here to support you on this journey and look forward to seeing you thrive and living the life you’ve been dreaming about.