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Stand Still (New Sabbath Moment Subscribers Special)

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Stand Still: Finding balance when the world turns upside down
What do you do when the/your world feels/turns upside down?
When your world feels unrecognizable and unsettled?
When you feel overwhelmed and alone?
It is no surprise that we want answers or solutions. Or, at the very
least, some explanations. But wouldn’t you know it, none of the
answers seem easy or what we had in mind.
In an email late in 2020, someone asked, “What have you been
learning during this past year?” And I responded, “More than ever, the
invitation to wonder and to savor life in the moment. To be here now.”
Even when now is challenging, even when now is difficult, even when
now is completely upside down.
I write my daily blog, Sabbath Moment, because I want to live
with a soft heart; to create a place for sanctuary, empathy, inclusion,
compassion, and kindness—a space where we are refueled to make a
difference. And when life feels upside down, it’s not that easy to do. So
2020 was a reset button time for me; I had to find ways to stay spiritu-
ally hydrated without my usual activities and speaking engagements.
The insights you’ll find in this book emerged in that time of global
pandemic and lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. Each chapter
begins with a memory flash from that experience. But the insights
hold for any time your world, my world, our world turns upside down.
I’ll say this: My new congregation helped. A flock of sheep on my
morning walk patiently listening to my daily homilies and ramblings.

When life feels catawampus, we haven’t trusted that we are empow-
ered to witness and savor this life. The sheep helped me do just
that. And they reminded me of the invitation to embrace the gift of
vicarious joy, to be aware of the communal nature of our journey.
When we move from my story, his or her story, to our story, our world
becomes bigger. Our horizons expand, keeping us from closed minds
and hearts, which are the fuel for fear, paranoia, jealousy—and shame.

This is a book about what we value and where we anchor our well-
being. It’s about where we park our presence, where we say, “I am here.
Here I can give, listen, learn, empathize, grow, forgive, welcome, and
invite. Here is where I will discover, uncover, notice, unearth, grasp,
appreciate, recognize.”

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