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Practicing the Power of Pause: Becoming more by doing less

In these videos, Terry Hershey invites us to Stop. Sit. Savor. And to remember, accept, and appreciate the gift of “enough”. There is power in the word, enough – when just our presence in the moment can be a gift to ourselves and others. Then we can recognize and celebrate the sacrament of the present moment, knowing that the ordinary can be the hiding place for the holy. We carry the capacity to honor the present into every encounter and relationship, meaning that we honor the dignity that is reflected by God’s goodness and grace. Every encounter, every relationship, is a place to include, invite mercy, encourage, receive, heal, reconcile, repair, say thank you, pray, celebrate, refuel, and restore. We all need a time and a place that allows us—gives us permission—to pause and embrace the gift of enough, befriend our own heart, and be at home in our own skin. Terry invites us to gather and reflect on the ”enough” in our own lives, let our own light brighten the world a bit & make a difference. Terry is a renowned author, humorist, engaging inspirational speaker, master storyteller and ordained minister. He divides his time between designing sanctuary gardens and sharing his written or spoken words to help others rest, renew, and live wholehearted.

These videos are perfect for classes or group use, and for personal reflection, with discussion questions provided.

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – Need and Desire

Section 3 – Stillness and Sanctuary

Section 4 – Awareness and Astonishment

Section 5 – Contentment and Embrace

Section 6 – Becoming and Choice

Section 7 – Freedom and Celebration

Section 8 – A final word from Terry

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