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Daily Dose (Mar 14 – 17)

Tuesday -- Another day carrying my script and list. And my travels today ignored the script (which travel can easily do). My early flight from Paris to London was cancelled this morning. So, missing my connecting flight, my itinerary was…

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Daily Dose (Mar 7 -10)

Tuesday -- This week we're letting our souls catch up with our bodies. Asking the question "What holds you?" In other words... “What sustains you, and carries you gently through your days?” I know that some people take exception to…

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Daily dose (Feb 21 – 24)

This week we are invited to carry—and spill—the light. We learn this from the courage of a woman in The Church of the Exceptional, and from the light she carried. Her story from Jimmy Carter’s book, Our Endangered Values.  …

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Daily Dose (Feb 14 – 17)

Tuesday -- There’s a story about a teenage boy mysteriously losing weight.His doctor, stumped by the symptoms, huddled with several other caregivers to decide which medical tests to run. There was no shortage of assessments and opinions, and quarrels about…

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