Embrace Our Flawed Beauty

Embrace our flawed beauty

As a storeowner tacked a sign above his door, 'Puppies for Sale,' a little boy appeared and asked. "How much are you going to sell those puppies for?" The storeowner replied "$50 each." The little boy reached into his pocket and pulled out some change. "I have $2.37, can I have a look at them?" The storeowner smiled and whistled. Out of a kennel…

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Give Me The Diamond!

Give me the diamond!

The sannyasi (a Hindu holy man) had reached the outskirts of the village and settled down under a tree for the night when a villager came running up to him and said, "The stone! The stone! Give me the precious stone!" "What stone?" asked the sannyasi. "Last night the Lord Shiva appeared to…

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