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Join me in Cotswold Garden

If you’d allow me, I’d like to take you through my garden…

As many of you know, sanctuary happens in ordinary moments. So, when I walk through my garden as the sun peeks through the trees… the rushing stream escapes into the pond… and the birds twitter their own songs… That is when I breathe, pause, and find sanctuary.

So, I invite you to come take a walk through my garden as a part of your own daily sanctuary.

Are there butterflies in your garden? Are there dandelions in your lawn? And when was the last time your house smelled of paper-white narcissus? Do sunsets make you smile? Have you ever seen a sunflower bloom? At what angle does the sun enter your house? And when do your irises blossom? Are you comforted by the sound of the rain on your roof? And have you ever watched the hummingbirds dance? I treasure the certainty that grace gives us all many second chances. And I love to lose track of time in my garden.

To be human is… to be present…to pay attention to the life you have right now…to experience the sacred, the wonder and the delight within this present moment.

Join me—and together we’ll share in the act of daily sanctuary.


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