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Terry’s words were inspiring and completely aligned with our vision to create a city of opportunity where the sun shines on all who come to live, work and play. Our team’s work, in many ways, defines the tone, culture and character of our great city. City employees serve as ambassadors of our effort to engineer opportunity. The only way they can effectively answer this charge is if their own opportunity is made abundantly clear. We are invested in our team. We need them to be invested in the vision – the path toward that symbiotic advancement is one of purpose, not product…objectives, not outcomes. Terry talked of the intrinsic value of a workplace that honors its people and their purpose, at least as much as the products and services they sell. The City of St. Petersburg is working strategically to ensure we exceed that standard and that the honor we extend includes both those we serve and those who are serving. Terry’s wisdom and insight gave our leaders validation that we are on the right track.
Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, City of St. Petersburg, FL

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