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Are you a fan of hurry?  Distraction?  Depletion?  Being overwhelmed or plum-tuckered?

If the answer is No, you are in the right place.
We need places to refuel.
To rest. To pay attention.
To breathe. To just be.

Hi, I’m Terry Hershey.
Pause. Peruse. Enjoy. We all need the permission to be gentle with ourselves.
I write Sabbath Moment because I want to live with a soft heart;
to create a place for sanctuary, empathy, inclusion, compassion and kindness…
a space where we are refueled to make a difference.
Here you will find resources to step back from a driven and stressed pace of life,
and learn to celebrate presence, mindfulness, finding grace, gratitude, permission, sanctuary and delight.

“Terry Hershey is the real thing. Warm, humorous and right on target with issues
that allow us to focus our lives on the few things that matter.”

Alan Loy McGinnis, Author, “The Friendship Factor”

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New Books

What do you do when the/your world feels/turns upside down?
When your world feels unrecognizable and unsettled?
When you feel overwhelmed and alone?
It is no surprise that we want answers or solutions. Or, at the very least, some explanations. But wouldn’t you know it, none of the answers seem easy or what we had in mind. In an email late in 2020, someone asked, “What have you been learning during this past year?” And I responded, “More than ever, the invitation to wonder and to savor life in the moment. To be here now.” Even when now is challenging, even when now is difficult, even when now is completely upside down.

This life is a gift. Be Here. Now. The permission to savor today. To be fully awake and fully alive. Why are there so many days when we miss the gift?
From his new book, Terry invites us to embrace the sacrament of the present, to see, hear, taste and touch grace, and the sacred in our world.
To stop the noise, distraction, compulsion to perform, and fear of rejection. To make space to live today open, available, curious and surprised by joy.
So, before we trade in our life for the life we “should” have, let us taste this one. What makes your heart come alive today?

Terry invites us to embrace the sacrament of the present…
to see, hear, taste and touch grace, and the sacred in our world.
With suggestions for reflection, and creative prompts, Terry encourages readers to pause.
To discover the grace of the present moment.
To appreciate the gift of enough.


Stories, reflections, quotes, poetry and uplifting videos to inspire and feed and nourish the soul.

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“I love your Sabbath Moment emails… they refresh me, make me laugh, bring me peace and
centeredness every time.” – P.F., Mesa, AZ

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