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What People Are Saying

Our gratitude to you for the time, energy and effort you put into your presentation to our team. Your words and perspective were well-received by the staff and we appreciated the opportunity to take some time away from the day to day intensity of our work to re-connect with ourselves and with one another – to reflect on what depletes and restores us and to renew and deepen our relationships with our work colleagues and friends. In addition to the welcome opportunity to enjoy laughter together, the retreat importantly afforded us the time to re-center and to re-focus on the “why” of what we do. Your reflections on reframing – sufficiency vs. scarcity – and the potential value of vulnerability and untidiness were especially timely — the seeds you planted fell on fertile ground! We send our deep appreciation to you for sharing your wisdom and humor with us.
Anne Hovland, Evergreen Hospice, Albany, OR

Terry’s stories make you laugh out loud, but each one has a nugget of wisdom to help you notice the sacred and extraordinary in everyday life.
Audrey Lucier, Franciscan Spirituality Center, La Crosse, WI

In the past 35 years at First Community Church we have invited spiritual searchers to come for weekend presentations.  Never have we had more requests for a speaker to return than Terry Hershey.  Anyone spending a weekend with his depth of life observations combined with his infectious humor will know why we keep bringing him back again and again.
Rev. Dr. Richard Wing, First Community Church, Columbus, OH

“The laughter alone was refreshing, but with Terry it was never laughter alone.”  This reflection from a participant in some ways says it all.  The title of the Workshop was Care for the Caregivers.  The women and men gathered who minister to women and men religious left renewed and are still talking about the day.  This workshop got the best evaluation ever!
Marilyn Kerber, SNDdeN, Inter-Congregational Ministry to Aging Religious, Cincinnati, OH

From one brick layer’s son to another…..thanks for your down-to-earthness;
From one preacher to another…..thanks for not preaching;
From one theologian to another….thanks for clarity;
From one human being to another…..thanks for briefly brushing my life with joy.
Dr. Jack Swann, Jax Beach, FL

Employing warm-hearted wit and deep, deep insight, Terry Hershey was brilliant in leading our annual Spirituality Conference.  A number of participants remarked how they had not laughed so much in many, many months, while everyone agreed that Terry’s wisdom around finding one’s sanctuary is something that is so needed in our frantic, disjointed, multitasking-obsessed society. Thank you for the gifts, stories, and grounding that you shared with us!
Kyle S. Turner, Spiritual Direction Colorado

Thank you for sharing time with me and the pastors in the North District!  You gave us each permission to pause, reflect, and be in touch with our passion so that we can be stronger pastors and deeper persons.  Hopefully our paths will cross again sooner rather than later.  You are the real deal and your authenticity and love of God made our retreat better than ever.
Bill Taylor, North TX District Superintendent United Methodist Church

Terry’s words were inspiring and completely aligned with our vision to create a city of opportunity where the sun shines on all who come to live, work and play. Our team’s work, in many ways, defines the tone, culture and character of our great city. City employees serve as ambassadors of our effort to engineer opportunity. The only way they can effectively answer this charge is if their own opportunity is made abundantly clear. We are invested in our team. We need them to be invested in the vision – the path toward that symbiotic advancement is one of purpose, not product…objectives, not outcomes. Terry talked of the intrinsic value of a workplace that honors its people and their purpose, at least as much as the products and services they sell. The City of St. Petersburg is working strategically to ensure we exceed that standard and that the honor we extend includes both those we serve and those who are serving. Terry’s wisdom and insight gave our leaders validation that we are on the right track.
Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, City of St. Petersburg, FL

Terry’s presentation at Xavier University’s Ann Buenger Catholic Speaker Series was inspiring.  His message was clearly articulated in a charismatic, humorous and entertaining way that captivated an audience of over 800 educators.
Michael Flick, Ph.D. Director Xavier University Center for Catholic Education

You were a HUGE part of the success of our event and a fantastic addition to the program. Thank you for your inspiration, your positive outlook and your wonderful support.
Evergreen Health Foundation, Seattle, WA

Evaluations indicate that this truly was the BEST CAMP EVER!!!!! Don’t know when we laughed so good, and long, and hard. FOLKS WANT YOU TO RETURN.
Rev. Marian Windel, Shrinemont Conference Center Annual Fall Camp

He’s funny, he’s engaging, and he’s the best story teller I have ever heard.  Whether you believe the bible stories are literally true or simply rich metaphors, you will be inspired to dig down deep and reach out wide after a week-end with Terry Hershey.
Toni Thomas-Feren, Transfiguration Retreat Center, Cincinnati, OH

There’s a song in every story and a story in every song. Terry Hershey’s writing sings to me. He speaks a language of the heart, an unknown tongue, if you will, that sanctuary in your soul where the choir welcomes you home.  This well tuned collection of Terry’s wisdom makes me want to take a front row seat and sigh, “Thank you, alleluia and a-men.”  That’s how Christians say, “You nailed it.”
Ed Kilbourne, Musician & Folk Theologian

Terry Hershey is the real thing. Warm, humorous and right on target with issues that allow us to focus our lives on the few things that matter.
Alan Loy McGinnis, Author, “The Friendship Factor”

A story-teller on a marvelous scale, it is remarkable the way Terry sets an environment in which people easily enter into the process of stretching their thinking and unselfconsciously share their ideas. On beautiful days – when many guests would have taken to the trails right away – the porches were filled with guests who would not fail to sit in on discussions in the morning and the late afternoon. We always had to add additional chairs. I have received numerous thank you e-mails and notes of appreciation for the opportunity The Swag offered to spend time with Terry.
Deener Matthews, Owner/Innkeeper, The Swag Country Inn, Waynesville, NC

“Today, Hershey’s teaching and preaching is notable in that it supplies information but doesn’t give set answers.”
The Los Angeles Times

“I think there were many factors that helped me win the US Open, including listening to your tape. It feels good to focus on the things that are important.“
Lee Janzen, PGA Professional, US Open two-time winner

“Terry is a charismatic presenter. He has a serious message delivered with humor and empathy for both human spiritual hunger and human fragility.”
Spiritual Directors International

“As a communicator, Terry Hershey uniquely combines deep reflection, compassionate understanding, winsome wit, and compelling clarity. He always wins his audience, not by argument, but by winning its love and earning its respect.”
Dr. Lewis Smedes, Author, “Forgive and Forget”

“Terry is best at teaching the art of outlawing the ‘shoulds’ from your thinking; how to take a holy pause and reevaluate priorities. His disarming style will have you reeling from laughter to silence as you register serious life-altering insights.”
Jeffrey C. Weber, President, CEO, Lightworks Producing Group Inc.

“Be assured of my sheer delight with your leadership in the conference. I couldn’t have been more pleased!”
Jack Williamson, Chaplain, Lt. Col., United States Air Force

“You have a wonderful effect on the St. John’s community. Spirits have been visibly raised, and people are seriously reexamining their lives. Thank you for your ministry.”
Dr. Hal Wiley, St. Johns Episcopal, Tampa, FL

“Terry is a terrific communicator! I have seen Terry hold Christian educators spellbound for two hours…and this is not an easy audience! Anything that Terry does, he does with gusto. Here’s to the next thing he’s up to!”
Lyman Colman, Serendipity Inc., Denver, CO

“I love Terry Hershey! He was entertaining and funny. He bridges Christianity and psychology in a very easy-to-understand language.”
Mary Brown, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Columbus, IN

“Terry Hershey conveys a unique blend of easy wit, strong conviction, and ‘real’ vulnerability.”
Paul Mundey, Church of the Brethren, National Office

“On behalf of the entire parish, I want to thank you for a beautifully presented parish mission. Not only are you immensely entertaining but your message is clear and oh-so-appropriate for our crowd! I hope those who have listened to you these three days will incorporate that message into their lives. I wish you well as you continue your work and hope we will see you back here in the near future. May God bless you and your family.”
Fr. Kerry Beaulieu of Our Lady Queen of Angels

“Terry’s presence presents a unique combination of spiritual insight, compassion and challenge to ‘live what we believe’ as followers of Christ. He speaks with credibility out of his own struggles, with compassion and humor, to truly be a man of spiritual integrity.”
Msgr. Arthur Holquin, San Juan Capistrano Mission Basilica, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Our parish of nearly 5,000 families is full of over-achievers … many of them just plain burnt out. Terry brought his message of slowing down and letting our souls catch up with our bodies … and did it ever hit home! His sessions, both morning and evening drew large crowds, wanting to find out about how to slow down their over-active lives … and have a laugh in the process. Terry Hershey attracted crowds both young, old and in between. All had their eyes opened. They heard that it was OK to take ourselves less seriously, to slow down and to dance!”
Deacon Charles Boyer, Our Lady Queen of Angels, Newport Beach, CA

“Thank you for your investment in the Purdue University Residence Halls. The impact made upon our counselors will surely have a positive ripple effect as they become involved in the lives of our residents this year. Meeting the needs of such a diverse group is a challenge, yet you made it appear effortless.”
Marvis Boscher, Dir. Residence Halls, Purdue University

“On behalf of the students who attended the Professional Continuing Education Course, I wish to express our sincere gratitude for your outstanding support. Your remarks on Ministry were superlative. Because of your relevant inputs, our students will be better prepared to meet the challenge of serving in the Air Force Chaplaincy.”
Charles Baldwin, Ch, Col, USAF, Commandant Chaplain Service Institute, Maxwell Air Force Base

“Terry Hershey brings a spirit of new life into the drudgery of old every day life, with a vital faith that he articulates so beautifully.”
Dr. Michael “Micky” Morgan, Vestavia Hills United Methodist, Birmingham, AL

“Terry Hershey was extraordinary, dynamic, and engaging!”
Peg Boodt, Indianapolis, IN

“Terry, In a short amount of time, you did what Jesus did so well – told a few stories, reminded us of the Father, and left our hearts changed forever. You left us with hearts filled with laughter and lumps in our throats from your tender stories. You inspired us to stop and treasure the moment and not allow “if onlys” to deter our gratitude. We are deeply grateful to you for the time and effort you took to come to Sts. Simon & Jude Church to share your beautiful insights into the music of life. May the joy you give to others return to you one-hundredfold. Gratefully on behalf of all,”
Patsi Wagner, Pastoral Associate, Sts Simon & Jude Parish, Huntington Beach, CA

“Terry Hershey is a true professional, capable of delivering a powerful message to his entire audience. His tremendous ability to make us laugh while making us think deeply, is a gift and a blessing to any organization who brings him in. I have received nothing but positive feedback from our participants and many are calling for a return visit from this talented story-teller.”
Ryan Ledene, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

“And a huge thanks to you! The membership’s response was glowing! I hope we cross paths again soon. You enlightened my day and I looked for “duckling moments” all day long.”
Charley Shore, A Change is Afoot Senior Housing, Senior Care Coalition

“We have never had the positive response to a speaker like the response we have received about Terry Hershey. People felt that Terry helped them to reflect, put things into their proper perspective, and even laugh at themselves a little bit. Terry’s story telling, warmth and genuine belief in the need to pause shone through in his presentations. People left his workshop realizing that the clock would keep on ticking and the checklists of life would always be there – what we do about them is entirely our choice. There is, indeed, the opportunity for grace in every moment.”
Kelly Tries, Superintendent, Catholic Schools Kamloops Diocese, BC, Canada

“Observing Terry in Ministry, I’ve been impressed with his creative thinking, strong relational skills, assertive leadership, and sensitivity to felt needs. I heartily endorse him as an effective communicator and leader.”
Dr. Robert Schuller, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us. The overall response and reaction was superb. I want you to know, that I took a “Pause” and did not immediately reply via Blackberry to your note when received. I look forward to staying in touch.”
Bill Wood, Director of Pastoral Care at Texas Health Resources

“Our goal for the deacon weekend gathering was…to nourish the Deacons of Hawai’i…physically, educationally, socially, and spiritually. The host team took care of the nourishment for the body with really ono (good) food. Terry was able to take care of the educational, social and spiritual nourishment during his time with us. His interactive challenges and humor nourished us and feed the soul of each deacon present. The Deacons enjoyed your presentation and rated your talk on a scale 1 to 10 a solid 10. Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) and A Hui Hou (until we meet again)!”
Jerry and Rose Nunogawa, Diocese of Hawaii

“Terry Hershey was truly humorous and enlightening all in one. He gave us permission to be embraced by grace. He was truly a highlight of our year!”
Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church, Palm Desert, CA

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