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Resources to do less and live more…absolutely free


Pause. Peruse. Enjoy. Find videos, ebooks, audio, aps and more. We all need permission to be gentle with ourselves to regain spiritual balance and passion.

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Storytelling, musing, encouragement and slices of life. Some filmed in studio, some on location in around the United States; some episodes from the Hallmark TV show New Morning. Each video in it’s own way, medicine to nourish the heart and the spirit.
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Terry Hershey – Acknowledgement

Life – to want what we already hold

Making space in a life too full.


Feeling a little overwhelmed? In need of a pick-me-up? Add an audio download to your computer, iPod or iPad. Enjoy a few stories, a little laughter and an insight or two. I hope it will give you occasion to pause….and celebrate (or perhaps even reconsider) life, faith and relationships in a new way. Click the player to stream.  To download, right-click the text link and select “Save Target As”

Daily Pause App

This app provides daily pause reminders… inviting us to pause, at least once each day to savor the extraordinary that abounds in the ordinary.

And the good news… it’s free!
Currently available for iphone… soon to be available for other mobile devices.

Quotes and reflections about…
paying attention, heart
sacred spaces, self-care
delight, awareness
play, live with intention
wonder and awe, contentment

From The Archives

I began writing Sabbath Moment over 10 years ago… mostly for my own weekly soul food, my own way to tell stories, my own way to stay sane. I am very glad to share them with and anyone who wishes the gift of pause–the permission to live in a spirit of gentleness, slowness and delight. For more, visit the Sabbath Moment blog.

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Sabbath Moment is possible because of the generous gifts of readers. Sabbath Moment is available for everyone with the permission and hope that it is freely shared. Thank you for your generosity. Your participation is deeply appreciated.

“Lately, I can’t wait to wake up on Monday mornings. Reading your Sabbath Moment newsletter fills me with delight.”—I.B., NC

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