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Daily Dose (Sept 26 – 29)

Tuesday -- This week, the gifts of Grace and Gratitude.And it bears repeating, grace is not something you add to your life. Like a creedal quiz response, “I believe in grace.” Check.Which is all well and good... however, grace happens when…

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Daily Dose (Sept 19 – 22)

Tuesday -- This week, we are invited to absorb daily miracles. The permission to honor listening, or attention (seeing) without judgment. And I love this: when we pay attention (“Wow. Did you see that?”), we create a fabric in our…

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Daily Dose (Sept 5 – 8)

Tuesday -- This week we are taking Jimmy Buffett’s lyrics to heart...“And there's that one particular harbourSheltered from the windWhere the children play on the shore each dayAnd all are safe within” We need to remember and be embraced by…

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