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Soft Hearts from Hard Places

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This is a TWO Audio set. TWO 75 minute workshops.
We know that we should love one another; practice kindness and compassion. But here’s the deal: love can only spill from a heart that has been softened and in most cases broken. There is no doubt that when faced with tragedy or chaos or uncertainty or misfortune, we want to have a “handle” on it, or fix it, or make it go away. I can tell you that I want to learn how to live and love from a soft heart. This is not about a way to figure life out. Nor is it about assigning blame. It’s about the permission to see the world–this day–through the eyes of our heart. It happens when. . .
. . .we allow ourselves to feel, fully and wholly without a need to defend, justify or explain,
. . .we allow ourselves to receive love, compassion and kindness without suspicion,
. . .we are free to embrace an extraordinary core of strength and courage that resides inside of us and let it spill to those around us.

Work it in: Finding beauty in life’s imperfections
No one is untouched by life’s untidiness. To make our life beautiful—especially in the midst of blotches, brokenness and blunders—requires a paradigm shift. We need to look at life differently. It means giving up our need for perfection. It means finding God’s grace in broken things. It means accepting the blunders as a part of the whole of our life. It means taking ourselves a lot less seriously. It means not dismissing or diminishing the imperfections, but “working them in,” creating the exquisite beauty that is our life.

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