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The Power of Pause

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Have you ever been in a conversation where you felt like you weren’t there? I have. Here’s the deal: We live in a hurried world where we walk right by one another… and our self, and this present moment. I don’t want to do that anymore.

“By means of a diversion we avoid our own company 24 hours a day.” Pascal

Maybe today is a good day to PAUSE… and let our souls catch up with our bodies.

2010 IPPY AWARD-WINNER and BESTSELLER. Also named a 2009 Best Spiritual Book

Sabbath is an ancient Hebrew word that means ‘to cease’ or ‘to rest.’ It’s a recognition that human beings have not only a doing space but also a being space—and both need to be honored. A pause, Terry says, need only take a few minutes and can come in multitude of forms. But, it is characterized by; 1) the awareness that in this moment one does not have to prove one’s value, or identity, or worth; and 2) paying attention. In this act—or rather non-act—we reconnect to ourselves, recover our centeredness and personal balance, and regain the power to say “yes” to the moment and “no” to dominance of hurry. Through 52 short chapters—each filled with an inspiring quote, a powerful story/meditation, and a specific suggestion that encourages pausing throughout the week—-Terry takes readers humbly through his own experiences and struggles with the practice. From overworked employees to overwhelmed parents, from ministry leaders to spiritual seekers, The Power of Pause will help one become more and more present to the life one already has, and the people and things within it.

  • Power to pay attention
  • Power to be centered
  • Power to say yes to the moment and no to urgency
  • Power to listen
  • Power to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell
  • Power to own, to take responsibility for, and to embrace my uniqueness

Hershey is a gifted storyteller, so you’ll find a treasure-trove of delightful tales here. If you watched the Hallmark Channel program New Morning, you’ll remember his many appearances, usually using some humorous or touching story to make his points. He’s also a great lover of quotations and headlines every chapter with a favorite. But what we liked best in this book is the spiritual practice he includes at the end of each chapter, which he calls ‘A Powerful Pause for the Days Ahead.’ Here are some examples:

  • ‘This week, embrace the mundane acts, such as washing dishes, pulling weeds, commuting, walking the dog. Consider them a form of prayer.’
  • ‘Find a way to withdraw for at least half a day. No phone. No email. No errands and no visits. If you’re brave, wear some form of I’m Closed sign — a lapel pin or a variation on a nametag.’
  • ‘Spend some time with your calendar and planner — and take off at least one item from this week’s list.’
  • ‘Today, if you have a porch swing, use it. If you don’t have one, today’s a good day to find one.’…

… The Power of Pause is on our list of the Best Spiritual Books of 2009.” —Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice* “Within 10 minutes of opening the book, something happened. Something shifted. The task became experience. I noticed myself slowing down, I noticed the warmth of the fire, the coziness of my couch and blanket. I even noticed my breathing. The book is full of insights, inspirational moments, phrases to be savored. I hope you will give yourself the gift of reading this book —even if it starts out as one more thing on your to-do list! —Kathy Cleveland Bull, host of From the Inside Out “In an eight-part text in which sections are defined by the four seasons, each with an early and late aspect, readers will find themselves removed from the tyranny of the urgent and moved to a peaceful, reflective and deliberately inactive place of reflection. Hershey, funny and honest about his own foibles, will have thoughtful readers resonating with his human struggles while gratefully accepting his kindly offered yet stern cautions on the dangers of the busy life. Well-written and issuing continual invitations to pay attention, live in a centered way and say yes to the moment, Hershey shows people how to pause and makes them want to do so.”—Publishers Weekly “The latest book by Terry Hershey is a must-have. I have read it once, loaned it out twice, and am now reading it again. I like the flow of the book – it is simple and not overpowering… I don”t feel like I can”t put it down and just pause to think of what I just read. It is in the simple reminders that Terry brings us back to the reality of who we are, why we are here, and how we miss that in the busyness of life…. I love to Pause.” — Jan Pedroza, CA 2010 IPPY AWARD-WINNER and BESTSELLER! Also named a 2009 Best Spiritual Book*

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