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Permission To Be You eBook

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There will always be some voice telling me that whoever I am today, is not enough.
The challenge is accepting the reality that every one of us has the capacity for bounteousness.
Yes, we want to love other people without holding back. We want to feel authentic. We want to breathe in the beauty around us. And yet; we listen to inner voices that keep our life small… we live stuck.

But what if we are truly the light of the world, a light already inside of us and we were meant to shine? What if, as children of God, there are resources to draw upon—a reservoir of kindness, compassion, hope and resilience?
Can we return to the truth of who we really are—to lovingly accept the humanity entrusted to us?
In other words: Am I willing to be loved for being this me?

From Terry’s Sabbath Moment — Do Less, Be More

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